My research in history and international relations relates primarily to the Japanese Surrendered Personnel (JSP) who found themselves under British control in South East Asia at the end of the Second World War. This issue is at the intersection of my interests in the British Empire, the Second World War, prisoners of war (POWs), and end of empire. Being able to use Japanese to a high level, I try to exploit both English- and Japanese-language resources in my research.

I also work as a press officer at the University of Tokyo, where I and my colleagues examine research promotion using the university’s communications activities.

I am also interested in the application of information technology to research and education, particularly in the humanities.


Science communication, research outreach, social media, Second World War, prisoners of war, Japanese Surrendered Personnel, East Asia, South East Asia, Anglo-Japanese relations, British Empire, Japanese Empire, decolonisation, historical reconciliation, digital humanities, information technology.