Science Communication

Science Communication

Peer-reviewed articles

Yuko Ikkatai, Euan McKay and Hiromi M. Yokoyama, “Science created by crowds: a case study of science crowdfunding in Japan” Journal of Science Communication 17(03) (2018). doi:10.22323/2.17030206

Ayumi Koso, Azusa Minamizaki and Euan McKay, “Global Research Promotion at the University of Tokyo: A Report on UTokyo Research” Japanese Journal of Science Communication 15 (2014). (髙祖歩美、南崎梓、マッカイ・ユアン「 東京大学における研究成果の国際広報:UTokyo Researchの活動報告」科学技術コミュニケーション15号 2014年).

Other articles

Ayumi Koso and Euan McKay, “When science and journalism interactions cross language and socio-cultural boundaries,” Blog post, Public Understanding of Science Blog, 2018/11/07.


“You are not alone: overcoming challenges to science communication in Japan.” 2018 International Science Communicators Annual Workshop, 12 October 2018, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chongqing, China. (English)

“You’re earning coverage, but are you earning trust?” 2018 EurekAlert! PIO seminar, 17 February 2018, AAAS annual meeting, Austin, Texas. (English)

Euan McKay, “Social Media and the University” Presentation, Department of Information Systems Seminar Series, 20 July 2017, University of Tokyo. (Japanese)

Euan McKay, “Introduction to Public Relations” Presentation, University Research Administrators training program, 14 June 2017, University of Tokyo. (Japanese)

Euan McKay, “The University of Tokyo’s global research promotion activities” Presentation, Third conference of the Research University Network of Japan, 29 May 2015, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC). (Japanese)

Euan McKay, “The University of Tokyo’s global research promotion activities” Panel discussion, International Science Communication Workshop 2015: Japan deserves more, 19–20 March 2015, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University. (Japanese)